Operation Kino

by Operation Kino

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released November 26, 2016

Music/Lyrics by Operation Kino
Produced by Axiom AV
Mixed by Seb Good
Mastered by Tim Rowkins
Artwork by Alec Greaves
Artwork Photos by Robert Tilbury


all rights reserved



Operation Kino Brighton, UK


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Track Name: Parameters
Taken Away From Me
My Culture Picked And Scratched
Until The Insides Match
The Waste Of Everything I Believe
Broke, Broken Through
The Will And Exercises With Impunity
And Plays On My Insecurities
The Parameters
Of Our
Social Acceptance

My Infancy Chokes
(On The Ash And The Smoke)
That Contaminates
The Air Around Me
A Gaseous Element
Dependant On
The Complacence
That Surrounds

It Spreads
Through The
Hollow Breeze
The Fucking Hollow Breeze

Now Before I Suffocate
Allow Me To Reiterate
The Respect That You Want
Well I'll Give It To You Blunt
You Fake Fucking
Track Name: [Song_Red]
The Sun Rises In The East And Sets In The West
Darkness Covers These Perversions Of Peace
And It Casts Itself Across An Unknown Future
All Are Equal But Some Are More Equal Than Others

Under The Watchful Eye Of Tyranny Lies A Life
Of Solitude A Life Of Secrecy
In The Absence Of Scrutiny
They Act With Impunity

Behind Closed Eyes Under Blackened Skies
In The Hour Of Power The Blood Runs Red
Behold The Architects Of Demise
Sever The Head To Leave Remaining Truths Unsaid
Liberate Emancipate
Or Face Your Totalitarian Fate
To Forget This Is Doomed To Repeat This

The Sun Rises In The East And Sits In The West
Darkness Covers These, Perversions Of Peace
And It Casts Itself Across The Human Future
Under The Shadow Of The Iron Curtain
Track Name: Knuckles Vs Teeth
The Clown
Has Shut You Out
Pointing And Clicking Fingers
At Slaves Who Nod In Agreement
(The Numbers Of Black Sheep)
These Streets Are Filled With The Deceived

Falsifier, Recognise
The End Is Coming It's Nigh
Shallow Lungs Still Screaming
Revolution On Hold

(War Makes)
The Fat Little
Massive Wealth And
Continue To
(Grow Strong)

(War Makes)
The Fat Little
Massive Wealth And
Continue To
(Grow Strong)
Track Name: The Middle Children of History
In The Balance Between Feeling Content
Between Feeling Passion
Monotony Only Inspires
(Rusted Machines)
Earning To Spend
Everything To Give
(Living Just To Lend)
Bright Burners Bottled
(And Concealed)
Suffocating Flames Are Now Extinguished
With Nothing To Reveal

Building Up
Breaking Down
Hear The Slave Drive Pumping Through The Ground
Building Up (Build It Up)
Breaking Down (Break It Down)
Watch Them All
Moving To The Sound

We Are Born With Our Eyes Tied Shut
A Scrooge Mentality
Coupled With Material Lust
Perversion Of My Integrity
Now A Capitalist Crutch

I Am Breaking Down
Breaking Down

This Is Your Life
(And It's)
Ending One Minute
(At A Time)
Don't Hold It Back

Opportunity Evades Me
Bound By Capital Decree
Opportunity Evades Me
Bound By Capital Decree

Living To Expire
Drowning In Tedium
Living To Expire
Drowning In Tedium
Track Name: Do You Find Me Sadistic?!
Shallow Minds For Shallow Graves
Hollow Words From Hollow Slaves
An Ever Growing Affliction
The Infiltration Of Mass Consumption

And Simulacrum Have Become Endemic
In This Pandemic

Can Someone Apply Anaesthetic
To Numb The Consuming Pain

They Manufacture Your Convictions
And Fabricate Your Indifference
Incarcerated And Nameless
Apathetic And Blameless
A Picture Perfect Materialist
Once Just A Fading Idealist
Do You Find Me Sadistic

This Is Me At My Most Masochistic (Clawing At Skin)
Medicate Me From This Affliction
Forever (Forever)
Forever Waiting In Remission

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